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Legacy X Design

Our Philosophy

In pursuit of our mission and our vision, we work to be intentional with how we create and inspire generational wealth-building through the mechanism of real estate. We believe that our legacy cannot be reached passively or by accident, it must be designed. Our “legacy by design” philosophy consists of four property-inspired pillars:

  1. Obtain - Counsel our clients to help them establish legacy goals and grow their property portfolios.
  2. Retain - Preserve generational wealth by educating on asset loss prevention including unnecessary tenant turnover.
  3. Maintain - Counsel on client budgets and long-term plans for property repairs or improvements to keep property value high.
  4. Sustain - Prepare market-ready listings and rentals that contribute to top-tier ROI and equal housing opportunities.

In a time such as this, it is more important now than ever that the people and businesses we choose to trust align with our values. We want our clients to know that each time they choose us to represent their property sale or purchase that Aqyr, Inc. will contribute 10% from our bottomline towards co-designing legacy. In addition to supporting community initiatives, these funds will support important agent scholarships that help to diversify the real estate profession, thereby diversifying representation for future homeowners, and thereby influencing more inclusive and equitable industry practices for the homeowner.

Ready to Acquire the Portfolio of Your Dreams?

Our dedication to aligning our services with your priorities establishes us as the ideal partner to not only achieve your property goals seamlessly, but also to contribute to a purposeful impact. Selecting Aqyr, Inc. to manage your real estate portfolio ensures a process that is both meaningful and value-driven.


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